Will Changing My Diet Make Me Better?

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6 years ago, I couldn’t dare to try gluten-free or GAPS diet. I loved bread so much. Four years ago, for some reason, maybe because I’ve been doing yoga for 10 months now, I started a gluten diet. But of course, I would often break it unfortunately. Still, I felt much better. My constipation, edema, and stomachaches were gone, and my numbness in my hands and feet disappeared. I have a flat stomach now. I immediately lost two kilograms of water retention. No fatigue. When I break it, my stomach quickly becomes bloated and I feel pain and fatigue. Although I still occasionally break it and can’t fully commit, I can’t believe it myself: bread and pasta have been eliminated from my life.

A year ago, I started functional medicine training.

I started my dietary changes without doing any tests. When I did the tests and added supplements, the recovery happened faster and in a shorter period of time actually.

It’s easier to criticize, exclude, ignore the things we don’t want or find difficult.

Healthy eating is emphasized in articles. Whether it’s gluten-free or Mediterranean style… there are many options. But having a healthy diet is important, especially for those with a tendency towards diabetes, avoiding sugar and especially fruit sugars.

Something is missing, and complete healing is not achieved.
Stress, environmental factors, heavy metals, epigenetic factors, problems in methylation genes..

In recent years, published studies have focused on the improvement of symptoms caused by non-celiac gluten sensitivity through a period of gluten-free diet.


There are case studies. In some diseases, there are clinical trials. It’s not enough, but you can try it on yourself.

In a case report publication on rheumatic diseases, there is a one-year period for improvement in chronic low back pain. It has been studied in many rheumatic diseases. In long-term illnesses, the required recovery period is also long.

We need to have an open mind and believe in change.

Let’s age without aging.

Let’s be healthy.

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