Where Am I Being Swept Away?

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This morning I woke up early, as usual. I opened my eyes and forced myself out of bed, trying to suppress my desire to go back to sleep.

With the power of having to ignore the urge to do nothing and stay in bed until evening!

Although I have never had alcohol, I thought it must be something like this to feel hungover. After washing my hands and face in the bathroom, I quickly got into a preparation tempo.

The routine of the day: brushing your teeth, putting on clothes, preparing breakfast and calling the household for breakfast, having breakfast together, quickly tidying up the table and leaving home at full speed.

Repeating the same things every morning without stopping to think. After all, this routine is automated now. Is it necessary to ask why I always do the same things!

Can I say I started my day differently today? Can I bring a difference to my starting that day? Where am I being swept away?

Should I ask myself this question? Why should I ask! Am I not satisfied with my life? What does it mean to be satisfied? Should I question it?

How will I know if I am not satisfied if I do not question it? Well, it is not an easy task to turn around and question yourself. What if I come to the conclusion that I am not satisfied?

What do I do then? Do I have the strength and energy to change myself and my life? Or would realizing my dissatisfaction make me even more unhappy and lead to pessimism?

Well, didn’t I start questioning now? Why am I afraid! Look how well I am talking to myself. Why should I be afraid to talk to myself about a little deeper topics?

Besides, will being afraid be a solution? Won’t I have to do this questioning eventually? Doesn’t every day I delay bring me more and more topics to question?

The sooner I start questioning, the better. Isn’t it more likely to harm me than to benefit me to postpone life?


I’m hanging on to life a little bit from this string and a little bit from that string. I live in a scattered way, I have no clear purpose. It is always difficult for me to focus on a goal. I get tired when I focus on a single goal, I consume myself.

That’s why I always prefer to focus on a few different topics. Am I doing it right? Or is one goal enough for a lifetime? Is it not necessary to distribute yourself like that?

Focus, work and reach your goal. Is it a suitable choice for me? Or is this scattered state better for me?

I think I know myself well enough, but is it really enough? Do I need psychological analysis? What can I do to get to know myself better and develop myself?

There are so many questions to ask. Look, even now boredom has started. Who will solve these and make an effort to change in their lives?

Oh, forget it. Live and let go! Anyway, this life will end!

To make my voice heard, to satisfy my eye

To find and fill the deficiency in my heart

To find the courage that will guide me

I was determined to live every moment with honor

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