What Is Pain Treatment? How Can I Get Rid Of My Pain?

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The question of many of our patients in pain treatment is: “How can I get rid of my pain with a single treatment session?”

With new-onset pain, it is easier to get rid of the pain with one treatment session, but it may still not be enough. Depending on the cause of the pain, the treatment process is determined. Understanding the correct cause is the basis of the treatment, if the cause is not correctly identified, the treatment will not be complete.

However, if your pain is chronic, that is, if you have been experiencing pain for more than three months, a longer process is required in the treatment of this pain. Understanding the causes of the pain, creating a treatment plan for those causes and sticking to this treatment plan is necessary to get rid of the pain completely and not to experience it again. Otherwise, there will definitely come a time when you will experience pain again.

Unfortunately, we have experienced a great earthquake. There are lessons we need to learn from such disasters and we need to see the mistakes we should not repeat.

The lesson we should learn from the earthquake we have experienced is to make the foundation strong and to choose the right settlement.

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Similarly, the lesson we should learn from the signals our bodies give us is to find and correct the underlying root cause and strengthen the basic building blocks. The basic elements we are talking about include many factors such as the foods we put into our bodies, our sleep patterns, our social environment, and our exercise and sports plans.


In most chronic pain, there is a low-level inflammatory reaction in the body that is caused by the accumulation of mistakes made over the years. For the treatment of this, it is necessary for a physician to listen to you, examine you in detail, and guide you in treatment in this regard.

By using complementary medicine methods (such as acupuncture, ozone therapy, prolotherapy, PRP therapy, exosome therapy, cupping/hijama therapy, glutathione applications, intravenous treatments such as vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid) together with a holistic/functional perspective, you can get rid of many pains and chronic diseases such as chronic widespread pain, fatigue, weakness, autoimmune diseases, back and neck pain, and back pain.

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