Let’s Fix Our Mistakes Together

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If you are wilting
–Are you in the wrong place?
–Are your attitudes wrong?
–Is your diet wrong?
–Is your tempo wrong?
–Is your lifestyle wrong?

It is essential to find
To turn green again
Let’s give branches, leaves and fruits

If you are in pain;

-Are you overburdened?
-Do you take on tasks that you cannot do?
-Is your life always running?
-Do you have no time to sit down and rest?
-Do you also do someone else’s work?
-Is it difficult to entrust the work to someone else?
-Do you not get enough sleep?
-Do you sleep in front of the TV instead of in your room?

-Do you have dietary errors?
-Do you always crave sweets?
-Do you never eat vegetables because you don’t like them?
-Are pastries an indispensable part of your breakfast?
-Do you keep putting things in your mouth all the time?
-Don’t you know how to stay hungry?
-Do you not consume the right protein?

-Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle?
-Do you not like to exercise?
-Are your favourite sports the ones that overload your body?
-Do you not attach importance to warming up before and cooling down after sports?
-Do you expect to recover after a month of exercise?
-Do you do exercise exaggeratedly but irregularly?
-Do you exercise for two to three hours one or two days a week and stop the other days?
-Do you think that you will never find an exercise that you like and can do?

-Do you smoke?
-Do you have bad habits (including playing games on the phone or computer for a long time)?
-Are you always critical in your personality?
-Do you always think it will end badly?
-Are you low in vitamins, have been advised to take them, but take them irregularly/don’t take them/are you too lazy to follow your treatment?
-Is procrastinating until you reach the end point a behaviour that you also do when you are in pain?
-Do you ignore mild pain, don’t try to solve the cause and don’t look for a cure until you can’t do your job?

What would you like to add?
More questions….

Let’s correct our mistakes together

See you in good health.

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