Aging With Pain Or Blowing The Winds Of Change In Our Lives For A Pain-Free Life?

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Wake up in the morning, you didn’t sleep at night anyway. Go to the sink, brush your teeth, put on cream (love to those who can!), fix your hair quickly … Oh, what is the baby crying. Jump, take it in your arms, either breastfeed, feed, or swaddle. Ooo, there’s not much time left, I have to get dressed immediately, but it’s not leaving the brat! ….

In all this hustle and bustle, if you have pain, you’re done. What a torture to have to run around with pain. Women didn’t work before, (!), now they don’t sit at all. (I’m not saying that we have fallen into the trap that has been set up for us and left our home comfort, sometimes. I’m very envious of housewives.)

Oh, this pain will kill me. Why do bad things always find me? (We think that only our pain exists, but if we ask, everyone is in pain.) I don’t want to suffer from pain anymore (We don’t have to! We don’t have to pull out the pain, we have to listen to it).

Why is there pain?

Pain is a feeling that exists to protect us, but we don’t like it.


If we didn’t have the sense of pain, we would be slowly killing our body because we would be unaware of the wounds, burns, and trauma that occurred in our body.

In fact, there are children who are born with a pain-free syndrome, and unfortunately, their limbs have to be removed due to burns, infections, etc. because they do not realize the damage they are causing to their bodies at a very early age.

So pain is a necessary sense for our lives. We cannot live a healthy life without feeling pain.

Yes, I don’t think you didn’t hear me say that I can’t do anything when I have pain. Yes, in the case of a new onset of pain, it is necessary to move without making movements that increase pain within the pain-free range.

I want you to pay attention here, I’m not saying stay still. When you realize which of your movements is painful, you need to think about how you can do that movement differently.

For example, you have back pain and you have severe pain when you bend forward from your waist. What will you do? If you don’t have knee pain, you will squat.

Your child is crying and you need to take it in your arms from the bed, but you have to bend over from the waist because the bed is too deep and you feel severe pain.

What can you do to reduce your pain? My options are to put your child in a place where you can more comfortably take it in your arms until your pain goes away or ask for help when you take it out of bed. Of course, everyone can find a different solution for themselves.

I’m sure you have objections to these solutions, but in order for new onset pains not to bother us in the long term, we first need to avoid movements that trigger pain and learn how to use our bodies correctly.

Proper posture, proper breathing, and regular exercise should be a part of our lives. I can hear you say that when we say exercise, we don’t have time. Even the exercises you can do at home for 15 minutes a day can be enough, but we can say that we can’t spare 15 minutes for ourselves.

We must always remember: If we don’t spare 15 minutes for ourselves today, we will lose more time tomorrow.


First, we should take care of ourselves so that we do not have trouble taking care of our babies, sheep, and loves in the future, and we can continue our lives without the need for anyone.

We don’t have to be afraid of pain, we have to love it (J), pain is for us and it reminds us of our mistakes. Take into account the pain and review your life.

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